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Exceptional service, quality homes, honest management, and effective communication are the defining characteristics of TPR Homes, which separates us from the competition. But if you don't take our word for it, maybe you'd like to hear it from some of our tenants...


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"I too am a landlord and so I appreciate the challenges that it presents. You all could not have been more supportive over the past two years. ____ has moved into a nice new apartment, however the landlords could learn a few lessons in organization and responsiveness from all of you!"


"Thank you for being a great landlord. ____ is experiencing an altogether different situation this year, which highlights how fortunate we were to have rented from your family for the past two years."


"We really appreciate your hard work over the past two years. We were thoroughly impressed by you as our landlord and were so glad to spend those years in that apartment. Thank you so much for everything."


"... I am still disappointed that ____ will not finish her Temple stay at ____. I cannot say enough how great you have been as landlords. We are beginning to see, first hand, that not all landlords are created equal!"


"'ve always been so responsive and proactive with any problem or discomfort we had. It means a lot to have landlords that are dependable- especially in this area. If you ever have prospective renters seeking a recommendation, please let me know as I would be glad to share my experience!"


"Hi! This is ____ from ____! I am looking to move with two other people in the Temple area and was wondering if you had any 3/4 bedroom houses (preferably with 2 bathrooms!) available? If you don't, I was wondering if you would maybe point me in the direction of other good landlords? I want to be sure that I am negotiating with someone as trustworthy as you. Thanks!"


"Hi Nick, hope you are having a great week! I would just like to let you know that I would love to renew my lease with you and remain living in ____ for the 2013 school year. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience so far!"


"I must say, that as you and ____ continue to work together, I am gaining a better understanding of why your references were so happy to talk to me and sing your praises. I think as ____'s first landlord, you are setting the bar high for any landlords that are to follow."


"...I miss living at ____ though. I always tells other Temple students that they should rent from you because my experience was great!"


"I just wanted to say what a great experience I have had this semester leasing from your family. You guys are really kind and always there when our apartment needs something. I'm sad I'll be leasing from someone else next semester"

"... I would also like to send along my thanks and appreciation for how you have handled and supported the girls in the apartment. Your responsiveness and professionalism always helped put concerned parents at ease. You run a business in the way it should be run... don't change that. Thanks again, it has been a sincere pleasure working with you and your family."


"I have always appreciated your transparency with bills and the obvious personal care and attention your family gives to its renters. We both miss that! Take care, and good luck."


"...I know ____ appreciates your willingness to provide a recommendation, and you should know that it goes both ways. You and your family have distinguished yourselves as generous and fair landlords."


"...Also, I wanted to sincerely thank you on behalf of all the girls for all you've done for us. We would always brag to our friends about how great our experience was because we had you as our landlord. The three of you took such great care of us, and we could clearly see that you cared about us. Regards, ____"


"... you guys were all the best for the last two years, and really helped make my time at Temple great, with such reliability from the Pizzola family."


"...if you could let me know about that opportunity, that would be fantastic. By the way, I enjoy referring students to you guys for possible rentals because of how well TPR treats us, and it is known that you take good care of your renters."


"Thank you for your help, you have a terrific business and reputation. I'll be sure to spread your name around to friends."


"Thanks again for all your help. It has been a pleasure knowing how well you manage your properties and we have been very happy with all your correspondence and help you have been to me as a parent, and to all of the girls."


"Thank you for taking such good care of your properties, I trust the kids also did their part in taking care of it too. Great place!"


"Thank you for the beautiful house. We look forward to enjoying it the upcoming year!"


"Hi Matt, just wanted to say that you guys are terrific landlords! Thank you for everything you do."


"Hi Nick, Thanks so much for the referral list, I really appreciate it! Yes, we will certainly start looking and hopefully one of your places opens up. I said to ____, it would be a great world if there were more people like you in it! Seriously I mean that, thanks so much for your kindness and being so concerned."

"Thank you all for everything you did for the girls for the past three years, time sure does fly! I always felt like ____ was in good hands and that I could trust and depend on all of you! It made her living away a bit easier and comforting."


"Thank you so much for being wonderfully attentive landlords and your extended family in their respective areas of expertise. I really appreciated the emails of guidance prior to those few super storms we had, as well as the suggestions for safety and security of their home over winter break."


"The time has just flown by! It was such a pleasure working with the three of you- the girls have so many great memories from living in their home over the last three years! Also- I wanted to thank you for remembering them on their graduation; that was very thoughtful!"


"I just wanted to thank you for a great year. You were very accommodating with our needs and provided a safe, well-maintained home for the girls."


"The sublet rental for the past six months at ____ was a great experience, thank you. The three of you are a great team, and there is a chance I may return to Philly next year. If so, I will be sure to be in touch again."


"Hi Nick, I have really appreciated the thoughtful efforts to keep the students safe both in housing security and emails prior to Storm Sandy and Winter Break. We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas."


"It has been such a pleasure renting from you this past year. You and your family are great landlords- and we really appreciate how easy you make it to pay the monthly utilities."


"Thank you Nick. You have been a great landlord and as a parent, I have felt very comfortable with safety and maintenance issues with you and your sons in charge!"


"As people and landlords, you are in a class by yourself! Thank you for refunding ____'s deposit and making this transaction so easy. Thank you for reminding us there are a few good people left. It is easy to see why your houses at Temple are rented so easy, because you care and treat people well! Good luck and thanks again!"


"My younger daughter, ____, is looking for a place for next year... a 4 or 5 bedroom unit. I suggested to the other moms that I'd like to check with you since we've been so happy with ____'s unit and how you took care of it.

"I would like to say thank you for the past three years that I have lived at _____. I know over the years my various roommates and I have not always been the easiest to deal with but thank you for continuing to accommodate our many requests and working to ensure our comfort."

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